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Welcome to the Albion package home page. The goal of the Albion project is to provide a digital document indexing system to enable easy distribution of photos and presentation material in a wide variety of formats for a variety of computer systems.

Specifically, it is designed to:

Albion is a set of CGI Perl scripts that use ImageMagick for all of the image processing.


My wife has worked with a local animal rehabilitation facility for many years. To record the progress of each animal that enters the facility, many pictures of the animals are taken each week. After some discussion, it became clear that they needed a system to organize those pictures with the following features:

spell checking
Because the search utility will miss some documents/images if the labels are misspelled.
presentation preparation
Animal cases are often discussed with other groups around the country. One request from the researchers was to automate "adding a logo" to the pictures so they could spend more time on content rather than image editing.
basic image editing
rotations, etc...
easy printouts
Each animal has a (paper) case file, and it should include pictures. Albion provides an HTML/web interface to ImageMagick's montage utility.
flexible distribution
At an organization where folks have varied computer skills, one can't always rely on The User having a internet connection. So, Albion allows one to

You may be asking... "Why would anyone want to build another image thumbnail generator when there are so many other good ones already out there?" For the answer, read my thoughts on the technical merits of the Albion system.

Future Direction

My own archive now holds 6000+ records, and the flat file database approach is giving way to slow searches. So I plan to rewrite the search script to use SQLite (or merge with another suitable project). SQLite stores the data in a single file (as opposed to MySQL/PostgreSQL), so it should give faster search results while still allowing distribution of the archive on a CD.

Hosted by SourceForge SourceForge Logo About the name - The project is named after one of my favorite places... the Albion basin in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Just up the road from Alta and Snowbird, it's also the inspiration for the snowflake motif. You can find more picutres of the Albion basin by searching google.