Albion Screen Shots

The screen shots below given an example of the output pages.
First, the output of the search utility shows each thumbnail with the full data record. Search Results Screen-Shot
Each group of documents has a preview page, with links to web-ready images and the original document (if present). This preview page can be seperate from the default index page, if you wish to present the thumbnails without the accompanying data. Image Preview Page Screen-Shot
The form to update the database records looks like the following: Database Update Form Screen-Shot
If installed, the spell-checker will flag in red any words that appear to be misspelled. The example here shows spell checking using native Perl spell. If Ispell is used instead, a list of possible spelling corrections is also provided. Database Update Confirmation Screen-Shot

The "look" of the output HTML can be customized using cascading style sheets. The distribution comes with a set of HTML templates for interaction with CGI scripts.